Orange Curry Caramel Sauce
A slightly spicy, slightly savory, definitely sweet caramel sauce to drizzle on smoked cheesecake, or ice cream, or put into a buttercream! YUM
1/2Cup (approx)
1/2Cup (approx)
Make the cream mixture
  1. Combine the butter, curry paste, salt and heavy cream in a small saucepan and melt over low moderate heat, keep warm while you melt the sugar
Prepare sugar
  1. In a taller, heavy saucepan, bigger than you think you need, pour in the sugar and stir over moderate heat until melted. It’s going to go crumbly before it melts, but don’t panic, keep stirring it and keep going. If the sugar is starting to brown before it has melted, turn down your heat a bit. And keep stirring slowly. A fork is a good tool to use.
  2. Once the sugar has gotten melted, stop stirring and only swirl the pan occasionally until the color has gotten to a deep golden. The darker you get, the stronger flavor it will have.
Add the cream mixture
  1. Take the sugar pan off the heat, and slowly pour the cream mixture into the hot sugar, whisking constantly. This will bubble up on you, which is why you have used a bigger pot (you HAVE used a bigger pot, right?).
  2. Return to low to moderate heat and whisk until the seized bits of caramel have melted back down and your sauce is smooth. This sauce is VERY hot, so be careful.
  3. Pour into a bowl and allow to cool to warmish room temperature before drizzling over cheesecake.
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