The GOAT… cake

The GOAT… cake

If you’re a football fan at all, perhaps you have heard of Tom Brady. He, to some, is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). He is a New England Patriots Quarterback, wears jersey #12 and appears to be more controversial than any other football players around. You’ve seen this, right? I hear this is how most people feel about the Patriots being in the 2019 Superbowl.

new england patriot fan haters map

Anyhooo, so I keep hearing about this G.O.A.T. thing… Goat, goat, goat…. goat cake! So I had to do it.

I had two 8″ rounds of “extra” cake lying around, so I made up some GOAT ganache (well, it WAS delicious) and got to work. I even made a little video for you – and it’s my first voice over, so please be kind šŸ™‚

I don’t show how I cut out the goat itself, but suffice to say, I found a stock photo of a goat and used that as my reference.

Image result for crazy goat face
No – it wasn’t this one! (hee hee)

Seriously though, I used a reference photo to cut out the shapes and carve the cold cake (yes, keep it cold until ready to cut) into the approximate shape of a goat head and what the body might look like if it was wearing a Patriot’s Brady Jersey

Using my favorite tools (hint: Sugar Shapers!) I got to work on my goat. My camera was acting funny so some things didn’t get recorded, like the end part of the painting, but this will give you at least a little bit of an idea of how things went.

No matter who you root for, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, weekday, February, whatever, and if you make a goat cake, please share it with me!


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