Easter Bunny Cupcake Topper

Easter Bunny Cupcake Topper

You love cupcakes, right? You love Easter Bunnies, right?  Well, why not make an adorable Easter Bunny Cupcake Topper?  These are so easy to make, I ALMOST hate to tell you about it…but I’m already over it, I’m gonna give you all the instructions!

What do I need?

The beauty of this is…you hardly need anything.  The bare minimum of supplies you needs are fondant, a circle cutter, water and a paintbrush (and even your finger can be substituted for the paintbrush in a pinch).  Extra items that would be helpful to have for this project include Tylose Powder and a pointy tool of some kind – but even a toothpick would probably do.  You can find all the tools I like to use on my Amazon Influencer List (this is just a place for me to keep all the items that I like to use – I get a little help from Amazon should you purchase, but there is no additional cost to you) or on my post about My Favorite Things.

Ok, you have your stuff together, so you need to either have pink and white fondant, or color a bit of your fondant pink.   This is assuming you want to do a white Easter bunny with pink accents – I challenge you to think outside the box and do other colors too!  You’ll need more white than pink, so make sure you plan accordingly.  The pink parts are REALLY small.

You will need 2 colors of fondant for this project : white and pink. Shiny Ball Creations

Let’s start

First you want to make the little circles that you’ll need as your topper bases (seems like an oxymoron, but stick with me).  Personally, I like to make the circles the day before, so they have time to dry out and stiffen.  If they are still soft when you place them on the cupcakes they will droop, and then it is a sad bunny for everyone.

Note:  If you want to do these bunnies directly on your cupcakes – go for it, and skip this step

Take some of of your white fondant, add some tylose powder to help stiffen it up and dry it faster and roll it out to about 1/8th of an inch.  Take a circle cutter of the size you like – for this I used a 2 1/4″ diameter cutter – and cut out as many circles as you’ll need and set them aside to dry.  You can really make these any color you like if you want to switch it up – I’m just trying to make this easy as possible!

Cutting circle out of fondant for cupcake topper using tylose Shiny Ball Creations White fondant circle cut out for a cupcake topper

Now the fun part!

Now it’s time to do the Easter Bunny butts – this is really the part you have wanted to do all along isn’t it?  I mean, the stuff beforehand is necessary, but let’s be honest – B.O.R.I.N.G.!

Ok – First let’s make the pieces of the bunny.  Take your white fondant and make a 1″ ball (approximately) for the body.

For the feet, pinch of a couple of small pieces and shape them into candy corn shaped pieces, about 3/4″ long, and for the tail, a small 1/2″ ball.

Fondant bunny butt pieces ready for assembly Shiny Ball Creations

Your next step is to complete the bunny’s feet.  You’ll take your pink fondant and pinch off tiny bits to make the pads of the feet, and then teeny tiny pieces (3 for each foot) to make the toes.  Use your paintbrush (or finger) to put water on the fondant foot for the pink fondant to adhere.  I like to make the little balls of pink fondant, then smush them on my work surface – then they stick to my finger and I can move them right to the bunny foot!  Make sure you put the larger circle for the foot pad at the pointy end of the foot, and put the toes on the wider end.

Attaching pink foot pads to fondant bunny feet Shiny Ball Creations Creating toes for bunny feet out of pink fondant Shiny Ball Creations

Once your feet are completed, move on to do all the other feet you need – that way they will have dried some before you assemble all the rest of the bunnies.

Now you need to texture your tail – I used a little plastic sculpting tool, but a fork tine or a toothpick would do great here too:

Using a sculpting tool to texture the bunny tail fondant ball Shiny Ball Creations

Now you have all your pieces, you can assemble!

All bunny butt pieces completed and ready for assembly for fondant cupcake topper Shiny Ball Creations

Take your water and wet the top of the ball for where the tail will be put (not too much water or the pieces will slide right off!).  Also, lightly wet one side of the ball where the feet will be attached.  If the pieces slide too much, wait a few moments while the fondant gets tacky and dries out a bit, or you can dab a bit off with a paper towel.

Voila! Bunny Butt!

Completed bunny butt assembly with all fondant pieces attached. Shiny Ball Creations

This guy is ready for anything now – you could pipe some grass directly onto your cupcake now and stick him on the grass, but I like toppers, because they are easier to remove from cupcakes and people can more easily decide not to eat the fondant.

Assemble the topper!

Here are the final touches – and for this I needed some green icing.  I used some quick royal icing that I tinted green, but you could also use a stiff crusting buttercream.  I don’t recommend a meringue buttercream for this particular version because it won’t get hard and it will easily get smooshed.  Folks aren’t likely to eat these toppers, so taste is not as vital here.  I used a wilton grass tip #233 for this topper.

Attach the bunny butt to the dried fondant circle with water or a dab of royal icing and pipe around the bunny with the grass, starting with a short layer all around and then going around again making longer grass so that it looks like the bunny is diving into the grass.

Piping green royal icing on Fondant circle for finishing touch Shiny Ball Creations Pipe the green royal icing all the way around the bunny butt. Shiny Ball Creations

Now you’ve done it!

You can add other decorations like jelly beans, or flowers, or whatever you like.

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to make this adorable Easter Bunny Cupcake Topper.   Please share your creations with me in the comments below!

Happy caking!


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